Electric Power

  • Specs Summary
  • Minimum Rating
    1500 kVA
  • Maximum Rating
    1500 kVA
  • Prime
  • Standby

3512B (50 Hz) India Market Only

Producing reliable power from 1000 - 3100 kVA at 50 Hz, our 3512B diesel generator sets are made to meet your mission critical, continuous, standby and prime applications — and match your power standards. Each meet ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements and accept 100 percent rated load in one step. Our 3512B generator sets are designed for either low fuel consumption or low emissions. Our integrated control system, including ATS and switchgear keeps power supply consistent and keeps you connected to your fleet with on-site and remote monitoring options. Get management and diagnostics tools in one, with our EMCP 4 control panel options, all designed with a user-friendly interface. You have specific power needs and we have a broad range of accessories and bolt-on system expansion attachments to select from. Flexible packaging options work with your spatial restrictions and climate.

Generator Set Specifications

  • Minimum Rating 1500 kVA
  • Maximum Rating 1500 kVA
  • Voltage Low (415 Volts), Medium and High Voltage
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Speed 1500 RPM

Generator Set Configurations

  • Emissions/Fuel Strategy Low Fuel Consumption

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Model 3512B TA, V-12, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel
  • Bore 6.69 (170 )
  • Displacement (Std) 51.8 L (3161.03 in³)
  • Stroke (Std) 7.48 (190 )
  • Compression Ratio 14.0:1
  • Aspiration TA
  • Governor Type Adem™3
  • Fuel System Electronic Unit Injection

Generator Set Dimensions

Standard Equipment

Cooling System

  • Radiator or heat exchanger

Control Panel

  • EMCP 4.2 Genset Controller


  • Paint - Caterpillar Yellow except rails and radiators gloss black

Optional Equipment

Air starting motor with control and silencer

Jacket water Heater

Barring Tool Device

Remote mounted Radiator

Air Inlet Shutoff

Duplex Fuel Filter

Heavy-duty air cleaner

Option for remote mounting of UIP

Over size Generator

Electric Pre lub pump

Duplex oil Filter