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Building on the solid legacy of proven designs, today's Cat® Rotary Blasthole Drills offers substantial technology, efficiency and productivity improvements to efficiently reach your targeted productivity rates. Our newest models fully integrate Cat designs, components and technologies, and every model delivers exactly what you expect from a product bearing the Cat brand: durability, precision, productivity, and unmatched parts and service support, anywhere in the world. It’s what lies beneath the paint that counts — that’s where you’ll find everything we stand for.

Rotary Drills

Cat® rotary drills are available with a maximum bit load range of up to 75 000 kg (165,347 lb), to suit a wide variety of applications. They're proven to deliver efficiency, high productivity and low cost, as well as provide a comfortable environment for the operator.

Image Model Bit Load Hole Diameter Engine
MD6240 Rotary Drill 24 000 kg (52,911 lb) 152-244 mm (6-9.625 in) C27 (Tier 2) – 597 kW (800 hp) at 2,100 rpm Details
MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drill Specifications Up to 152-250 mm (Up to 6-9.8 in) C27 ACERT™ @ 1,800 rpm Details
MD6290 Rotary Blasthole Drill up to 23 733 kg (up to 52,321 lb) 152 - 250 mm (6.0 - 9.875 in) C15 ACERT - 403 kW (540 hp) at 2,100 rpm Details
MD6310 Rotary Blasthole Drill 13.7 m or 17.5 m (44.9 ft or 57.4 ft) Mast Configuration 203-311 mm (8-12.25 in) C32® @ 1,800 rpm Details
MD6420C Rotary Blasthole Drill Autonomous Ready Up to 311 mm (Up to 12.25 in) C32 ACERT Details
MD6540C Rotary Blasthole Drill 16 or 20 m (52.5 or 65.6 ft) Mast Configuration 229-406 mm (9-16 in) Cat® 3512C HD Details
MD6640 Rotary Drill up to 64 000 kg (up to 141,096 lb) 244 - 406 mm (9.6 - 16 in) AC Induction Motor - Dual Shaft 522-746 kW (600 hp) Details

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