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CTE Series Automatic Transfer Switch

The Cat® CTE Series transfer switches are configurable for applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a full featured power contactor type transfer switch.

The CTE Series is equipped with the MX350 controller that is designed for the most demanding transfer or bypass switch applications providing enhanced connectivity for accurate and timely diagnostics and event recording.

Standard Equipment

The CTE Series of Automatic Tranfser Switches

  • The Cat CTE Series power contactor type transfer switch makes use of a fully programmable/configurable microprocessor-based controller to allow the utmost in application flexibility. Further, the CTE Series is offered in a wide array of configurations enabling it to meet the needs of even the most highly critical load.<br>Available configurations include:
  • <ul>40-4000 Amps: <br><li>CTE Automatic Transfer Switches</li><li>CTED Delayed Transition Transfer Switches</li><li>CTEM Manual Transfer Switches</li><br>100-4000 Amps:<br><li>CTECT Closed Transition Transfer Switches</li><li> CBTE Open Transition Bypass Switches</li><li>CBTED Delayed Transition Bypass Switches</li><li>CBTECT Closed Transition Bypass Switches</li> </ul>
  • CTE Electrical Ratings
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Neutral Switching
  • Safe Manual operation
  • CTED Series:
  • CTECT Series:
  • Bypass Isolation Switches CBTED & CBTECT
  • <ul>The MX350 microcontroller is a modular control and monitoring system designed specifically for low voltage transfer switch applications.<br> The MX350 provides the following key benefits:<br>Flexible control and communication options to suit any low-voltage transfer switch application <br>Small footprint<br>Modular design, which reduces the number of spare components for maintenance and testing</ul>

Optional Equipment