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Cat® Scrap and Demolition Shears are designed to make you money. An innovative, robust design and fast cycle times provide the production and reliability you need to be profitable. Cat shears are efficient and can handle everything from structural steel to mixed scrap. Cat shears are designed to get the job done.

Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shears

Steel-frame demolition and scrap processing are the starting points for metals recycling. Cat® Scrap and Demolition Shears power through these applications, providing the production and reliably that keep your operation in the black. Available in sizes to fit Cat machines from skid-steers to large excavators.

Image Model Tip Force Weight - Boom Mount Weight
S2050 Straight Scrap & Demolition Shear 187 Sh Ton 9206 lb Details
S2070 Straight Scrap & Demoltion Shear 237 Sh Ton 12822 lb Details
S2090 Straight Scrap & Demolition Shear 282 Sh Ton 16493 lb Details
S3015 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear 69 Sh Ton 3331 lb Details
S3025 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear 110 Sh Ton 5370 lb Details
S3035 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear 149 Sh Ton 7553 lb Details
S3050 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear 187 Sh Ton 11201 lb Details
S3070 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear 237 Sh Ton 15578 lb Details
S308 Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shear 43.3 Sh Ton Details
S3090 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear 282 Sh Ton 19889 lb Details

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