S·O·S Fluid Analysis

The SOS Fluid Analysis program monitors equipment health to prevent downtime and maximize lifetime. The program uses Cat-verified laboratory methods that are designed to identify wear and contamination in fluid samples. Certified analysts evaluate the sample results and offer a recommendation to monitor, or to take action. These results can identify a potential failure in your system before it occurs, thus saving you time and money. The SOS program offers oil, coolant, and diesel fuel analysis, for Cat and non-Cat equipment

  • The S·O·S program offers oil, coolant, and diesel fuel analysis.
  • Our sampling services are available for Cat and non-Cat equipment.
  • We monitor equipment from many industries including construction, transportation, mining, power generation, marine, and more. 

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Sampling Benefits

Fluid sampling is a non-intrusive and personalized preventative maintenance method. Monitoring equipment performance allows our analysts to offer recommendations that are unique to your equipment’s needs by carefully monitoring equipment performance. Identifying early signs of wear or contamination gives you the opportunity to intervene promptly. Early intervention may prevent equipment downtime and extend component life.

How to Take an Oil Sample – Valve Probe Method

How to Take an Oil Sample – Vacuum Pump Method

Capabilities and Resources Testing Options

S·O·S Web is an online platform that allows customers to manage their fleet. The website gives customers control to easily perform the following tasks:

  • View your equipment list.
  • Locate results for a specific unit or jobsite.
  • Filter through results by alert level: Action RequiredMonitor, or No Action Required.
  • Plot trendlines for sample results. 
  • Create QR codes for future samples, eliminating the need to handwrite sample information. 

Laboratory Tests

Our lab applies ASTM methods with industry-leading instrumentation to provide you accurate and applicable sample results. 

Testing Options

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