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Cold Planers

Cat® Cold Planers put the tons in the trucks hour after hour, shift after shift. Production is not just about horsepower. It's how the cold planer delivers the power to the rotor. Cat rotor drive systems are the most efficient and the best-protected in the industry. Cat load control provides the most responsive system, keeping engine speed close to peak torque at all times when the cutting gets tough. Cat cutter bits last longer to boost uptime and ultimately production. Clean milled surfaces are left behind due to precise control of moldboard pressure. Cat Grade and Slope option is available for all application requirements.

Cold Planer

Cat cold planers remove worn or deteriorated pavement to a specified grade and slope and leave a textured surface that can be immediately opened to traffic or overlayed with new asphalt.

Image Model Milling Width Rated Power Operating Weight
PM620 Cold Planer 79.1 in 630 HP 73260 lb Details
PM622 Cold Planer 88 in 630 HP 74580 lb Details
PM820 Cold Planer 79.1 in 800.6 HP 79630 lb Details
PM822 Cold Planer 88 in 800.6 HP 80887 lb Details
PM825 Cold Planer 98.6 in 800.6 HP 82650 lb Details

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